Gyan International School Greater Noida is affiliated to the CBSE, New Delhi It has been our endeavor to make school fun place breeding ground for happiness, creativity and individuality. With the introduction of the new activity based curriculum, the smile on the children faces have grown bigger and wider vision activities like-
The following documents are required at the time of admission
  • Brain storming games.
  • Illustrate and significant students talent.
  • Sports make the child mind revive.
  • Dancing and Singing is creative part of Children
  • Sharing and Vocabulary at new perspective.
  • Dramatization and Assembly based on the nature have given a head start to young ones towards cognitive development.
  • Activities like art and craft work dressed the children for success

The school aims at facilitating learning, guiding developing skills, conforming to social expectation and building personalities keeping in view the above mentioned standard and abiding by the regulation laid by CBSE, the school has adopted CCE evaluation strategy which not only measures the knowledge and intelligence of the child but also help to discovered into six evolutions (FA-1,FA-2,SA-1,FA-2,FA-3,and SA-2,) a cumulative record of six assessments is maintained and grading system is followed .