Principal’s Desk
"Intelligence plus character-that is the goal of true education." One of the most significant decisions that any family makes is, the School they choose for their youngster's schooling. At GYAN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL we think that we offer the best of education and knowledge that has been particularly customized to meet the requirements of the youngsters. The attractiveness of the school is a careful preparation and programming, the selection of excellent faculties and a readiness to innovate in enlightening provision have all share to the high level of educational success achieved by students at the school.
The challenge to be 'the best you can be' in school attainment is supported by a holistic approach to personal knowledge. The classroom programmes are wealthy and engaging, and the variety of cultural, sports and presentation opportunities offer a large number of opportunities that allow every student to admittance to an environment where they can contribute and shine.
GYAN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL look for personalize the knowledge for every student. Teachers with enormous experience, provide excellence pastoral care to make sure that students are supported to make the evolution in school. The superior management team operates an open door strategy and welcome parents to come in and discuss about their child education. I think that successful schooling is a three way vibrant process, with the child, their family and the school, working together to share to learning success.

By choosing GYAN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL you are selecting a school that is dedicated to ensure that every student convenes their full potential. I invite you to explore our web site and find out more about what we have offered.
We strongly believe that children’s are most successful when parents are involved in their child’s /children’s education your contribution are valuable to the school though volunteer time and support of school activities.

Heartily wishes for grand success of the school in the near future.

Dr. Amrita Srivastva