Principal’s Desk
The school is a place where children’s are encouraged to say “i see it, i get it , i can do it,” GYAN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL creates an encouraging and comprehensive environment where gifted and talented students are encouraged to investigate their talent and achieve their own best in all faces of school life. Students will be trained and betrothed through authentic education opportunities that inspire them to expand creativity, confidence and flexibility to become independent and moral life-long learners. An educational institution is one that helps the overall development of a child’s mind, body and character. To achieve this goal we provide a wide array of programmes and activities So that each student can seize the opportunities afforded to him/her,
Our first priority is the emotional, physical and social well being of our students, We are deeply committed to provide our student’s an environment in which they feel safe Supported, challenged and successful.
We support the individual and offer school surroundings that allows each and every student to flourish as they work towards achieving their own best performance. We set high expectations for our students and work hard to maintain positive emotions across our school society.

We value relationships with the community. We prop up our students to develop respectful relationships with their peers, teachers and society. We instil in our students a enthusiastic social principles and the capacity to make moral decisions. We work hard to develop and maintain prolific partnerships and relations with parents, businesses and leading tertiary organizations. We are proud to be a high performing school and aim to be the selective school of first choice for all families within our community.
We strongly believe that children’s are most successful when parents are involved in their child’s /children’s education your contribution are valuable to the school though volunteer time and support of school activities.

Heartily wishes for grand success of the school in the near future.

Dr. Amrita Srivastava